Aim for the stars ≧ω≦
Aim for the stars ≧ω≦

16 years old girl ☆ Bulgarian ☆
Posting and reblogging about many stuffs. If someone want to writes to me, please, go ahead☆

Anonymous asked: Do you like taeboa? I was actually looking for someone to rp with me with them.. 👀💁

I like them. However I’ve never done roleplay.

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Name: Gergana {it’s hard, me don’t liky}
Nickname: I think i don’t have one.
Birthday: 15th February
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Seriously, I’m not quite sure
Height: 155 -.- 
What time and date is it here:  19:34 21.10.2014
Average hours of sleep :  ….Well it’s a real mess
OTP: A LOOOT. But the ultimate Jongtae!! te-xe

Thanks satorirap for tagging me. ^^

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dancing machine → 2008 / 2014

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So, how was the date?
                 Was there a good night kiss?

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My parents believed a new asylum would bring hope to Gotham. Now that’s gone. Everything they worked for is now falling into the hands of criminals. Not everything. You’re alive. It’s not too late. Do you really believe that?

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Using an eel for a relay baton.

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#Massu speed up with 200km/h